Artist Statement

Arwa SeifeddineMoments From Within
Between construction and intuition, my painting is an intimate work, pulling out spaces and atmospheres. It is a passage to the inner world, the unseen, the dark, and, the musical.
Light is glorified in darkness. With black, it is hypnotic.
Looking inwards generates circles of aesthetic emotions. Imagination senses it. The body also. Art reveals it.
My work seeks times from within, focusing on the ambiguity lying between the interior and the exterior.
Interplay of visual paths would bring in several coexisting views of variable depths, displaying complex associations of space perceptions.
Like in a mirror, reflected thresholds of light and shadow lead to the concealed dimension.
Exploring the hidden, the ineffable, and picturing it, painting is a bridge to my inner aesthetic world, expressing moments from within and celebrating their warmth and mystical resonance in abstract metaphorical spaces.Excerpt from the solo exhibition catalogue Moments from Within, Arwa Seifeddine, 2012.